If you or someone you know are having a mental health or substance use crisis:
Call Colorado Crisis Support 1-844-493-8255 or Text TALK to 38255

About Us

The Imagine Zero coalition is in both Larimer and Weld County. We share a set value of beliefs, guiding principals and priorities. Working together as Northern Colorado has always been our goal. We are grateful and motivated to make this work sustainable.


We believe that when our agencies come together to weave a true net of care and cooperation, individuals experiencing the despair that precedes suicide will not go unseen and unheard. Someone, somewhere, in our tightly woven net of agencies will notice and know exactly how to respond in a way that builds connection for this individual. Eventually, our community will no longer be one where we puzzle over the excessive suicide rates. Instead, we will be a community of connection, where no individual could possibly fall through our tightly woven net of safety and support.


  • The structure of our group is flexible in order to fit the evolving needs of our partners and the community.
  • We value transparency, collaboration, and best practices.
  • We recognize the gift that each of our partners gives to this cause through the time spent in our meetings and the extra work that is taken on in order to provide us with quality presentations or support the group through special projects.
  • We also recognize the good work that is already being done by many of our partners.
  • We choose to highlight, support, and synergize with this work rather than duplicate or compete.


Our coalition has prioritized interagency communication above all, but also recognizes the need to improve mental health outreach and education for youth and parents, to normalize the conversation around suicide, and to increase access to mental health care for all children, youth and families.

We support and actively participate and in the state-wide Zero Suicide initiative. We believe in the Zero Suicide model and encourage interagency communication and collaboration as we work towards shifting the culture of Northern Colorado to a Zero Suicide state.